The Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Great… If You Live in a Bubble

– There’s no dust or dirt here.

No small particles in the air.

Unlike out there, in the real world.

Which is why this bubble is

the only place for me to be to review

the new Samsung Galaxy Fold.

A device that comes with more warnings

than I ever thought possible.

(dramatic piano music)

Plus, I think about
what we’ve learned since

the last time Samsung
tried to launch this phone.

And, I said,

It wasn’t ready.

The backlash was real.

This was supposed to by a
Samsung Galaxy Fold review,

but it’s not.

(crowd shouting)

(ominous music)

Even from the Korean media.

(speaking in foreign language)

Ultimately, Samsung revised the phone.

This new $2000 Fold has
new protections from

the outside world.

Though, still requires quite
a few protections from us.

And, so,

me and the new Galaxy
Fold, we live here now.

(dramatic intense music)

Okay, we don’t really live here.

But, first,

let’s start with what’s been fixed from

the first time around.

The Galaxy Fold is part
phone and part tablet.

Inside the face of the big,

flexible 7.3 inch OLED screen isn’t glass,

but plastic and the cover
that once had visible edges

that I may have started to
peel off is now tucked under

the display.

Samsung also strengthened this hinge

and put caps on this part of the screen

so no dirt or dust can get into it.

Samsung also says a new metal layer behind

the screen strengthens the device.

Still, compared to say,

this new Galaxy Note,

it all feels a little bit fragile,

even flimsy.

– So why is this screen so sensitive

to dirt, dust and pokes?

Well, science.

Glass doesn’t bend, but can shatter.

Plastic bends, but can be
punctured or stretched.

Samsung even includes a
special case in the box.

I used the phone for the last week

and so far, so good.

Though, I accidentally left

a little dent in the
screen with my fingernail.

When I first arrived here there
was far more good than bad.

I really could see the benefits
of a big, foldable screen.

The best thing about the phone?

The bigger, immersive apps.

Like Google Maps and YouTube.

It’s really nice to be able to have

the bigger screen when you need it.

Apps like Instagram have
even been resized for

the squarer shape.

You can’t beat the size of
this view finder either.

The cameras are what you’d
expect from a Samsung phone.

Crisp, clear shots that
sometimes are over-saturated.

Being able to split the screen

and look at email on one side

and my calendar on the other
has also been a helpful trick.

You can do three windows but,

honestly, it’s overkill.

Plus, battery life is impressive.

With two batteries
inside, it lasts all day.

And the tablet streams video
for 14 and a half hours.

And when I fold it up

and hold it to my ear
it sounds pretty good

and the speaker is loud.

– [Joanna’s Mom] Where
are you calling from?

– A bubble.

I live in a bubble now.

– [Joanna’s Mom] I am really
beginning to worry about you.

– [Joanna] Then reality set in.

I realized I was still in a bubble.

And I quickly realized that the things

that make this a great tablet
come at a pretty big cost.

The outside smaller screen,

which you use most when you
quickly need to send an email

or a text is so small.

Like, need a magnifying glass, small.

And this black space on the
top and bottom is an eyesore.

Taking photos of it reminds
me of my first digital camera.

Plus you really need
two hands to unfold it.

And yes, there’s a giant crease
in the middle of the screen

and you get used to it,

but it’s there and then,

of course, there’s the fragility.

Which is why I now live in a bubble.

A $2000 phone that’s so easily broken

and needs to be handled
so delicately seems like

a really bad idea for even

the wealthiest of bubble dwellers.

Samsung does throw in
$149 screen replacement in

the first year, but
after that it costs $599.

There’s also 24/7 customer
service for buyers.

– [Damian] Thank you for calling

Samsung Galaxy Premier service.

My name’s Damian,

who do I have the pleasure
of speaking with today?

– Hi, my name’s Joanna.

Would you be my friend?

– [Damian] I’m sorry, what now?

– Unless you have access to

a beautiful bubble like this
in the middle of nowhere,

I cannot recommend you buy
the Samsung Galaxy Fold,

but I do recommend that you
go check it out at a Best Buy

or AT&T store.

It’s a great look at the
future of our devices.

(intense music)

A future with bigger,

more expensive

and sturdier phones that
we’ll never wanna put down.

At least I’ve got a hot dog.

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