Why ‘Sign in With Apple’ Beats Passwords and Facebook


a password capital P lowercase ass word

huh okay couldn’t have been more wrong I

would think about the people you love

and add a number or like an exclamation


you know that’d be creative right uh hi

password is there another way in your

memory would work but let’s try yeah

let’s do something different you know

that’d be great for me hi so you want to

sign in using Facebook I think yes so

great uh just a few things we’re gonna

need your name and your profile photo

also optional but highly recommended

email address family reunion photos

waterbirth photos we’re also gonna need

anyone you might have stalked in the

past 14 years tokens back by the way who

are you pokin no no come back we’re also

gonna need maybe do you have a tattoo on

your lower back

okay so Facebook doesn’t ask that you

share all that info but Apple’s new

solution which we’ll get back to soon

shears far less but let’s back up for a

second this door is an app and in order

to get into it or at least use some of

its best features you need the right

username and password combo no big deal

except the average smartphone user has

more than 80 apps on their phone

according to market researcher app Annie

and so we got single sign-on instead of

creating an account and a unique

password for every account you have

Google and Facebook and others allow you

to use their account and now there’s

another way in

hey I’m signing with Apple I want to get

you in there it’s like a party it’s

talking to me it’s pretty great well all

I got to do is I’m gonna protect your

identity I just need your email I’m not

even gonna share it just Terry world Oh

God so scary please hold me okay sure

Apple provides better privacy and

security than the others but what’s

happening behind the scenes is actually

pretty complicated let’s start with how

other single sign-on systems work take

this app I made up called sneeze lis you

decide the quickest way in the door is

to use your facebook info just give me a

couple minutes I gotta go back here make

sure you are who you say you are you

know these stupid BOTS they’re


oh the world is on fire okay if you

aren’t already logged in on that device

Facebook verifies you by asking your

Facebook password and username

it doesn’t share your password with

sneeze lead but instead a token

confirming you’ve signed in with

Facebook at a minimum Facebook asked us

to share your profile photo and name

with the app maker sometimes apps can

ask for more info like your email and

gender and location and photos our likes

and more you can control what you share

during the setup process though beware

all are turned on by default the info

shared with the app can be used to

target ads to you on Facebook Google

system works similarly to Facebook’s it

shares your email address name and

profile photo with the app google says

it does not log what apps you use for

advertising purposes Apple system has

similar underlying technology with some

new tricks a Apple again still new here

looking for friends please use me but

I’m gentle first there’s an option to

hide your email address from the app

maker Apple has your real email address

but it makes up an anonymized email that

it gives to the app maker then it

forwards info from the app to your real

email so why does Apple do this well

your email address is one of the

these ways to track you across the

Internet the less you give it out the

less the companies can track you and

accumulate information about you the big

security bonus from Apple it checks to

see who you are before letting you in so

if someone got your Apple ID and

password they would still need your face

scan or fingerprint or password to get


so should you use Apple is it better

than saying just making a regular

account privacy experts are all about

what this guy is doing and security

experts think this is way better than

using the same password over and over

again or some weak password plus these

tech companies have way better security

systems than some rinky-dink app there’s

always a risk in giving your one account

the power to access many others if Apple

were to get hacked for instance the

hackers would theoretically gain control

of all your other apps the bigger issue

is that you may not be able to find it

in your favorite apps at least not

immediately still when you download an

app and find yourself at that long list

of login options the one you should look

for is probably Apple

hey it’s you look at that face alright

get in here we have fritters and pie

there is your favorite place to urinate

in public if you have a bra size what is


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